A surreal prediction effect with a PRINTED reveal that will leave your audiences guessing.


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    A surreal prediction effect with a PRINTED reveal that will leave your audiences guessing.


    With Dream Box, you start by handing out a special credential badge before the trick begins. You then have members of the audience create a unique and unforgettable "experience" by selecting various places, music, drinks, movies, celebrities, athletes and more.


    Then, at the end of the routine, they look inside the credential to find a PRINTED voucher highlighting the exact choices that were just made.


    This feels truly impossible! Like real magic!


    NO Forces. NO Changes. NO Switches.


    You'll be able to account for any possible combination of the premium quality printed cards that come with every set. It works just as well on Zoom as it does in real life.


    Now you can choose between FOUR DIFFERENT DESIGNS. Use them separately or combine them for an incredibly unique act!



    With Dreambox Celebrities the spectators choose between a dinner in Paris or a lunch in Hawaii, the band that performs during the event (Cold Play, ACDC or Spice Girls), the drink that they drink (Whiskey or Chocolate) and the celebrity with whom they make a selfie (Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Kardajian, Will Smith or Johnny Depp).


    With Dreambox Time Traveler, viewers will have the opportunity to choose between living famous moments (landing on the moon or the opening of the Roman Colosseum), witnessing epic shows (Mohamed Ali, Frank Sinatra or Mozart), wearing unique clothes (jacket John Lenno or Elvis Presley) or chatting with the most important figures in history (Gandhi, Cleopatra, Napoleon, Marilyn Monroe or Einstein).


    With Dreambox Sports they can decide which sports car they want to try (F1 or Ninja motorcycle), which exotic place they would like to visit (Route 66, the Qatar desert or the Monaco circuit), the music they would like to listen to. listen (Rolling Stones or Beethoven) and the famous athlete with whom they would like to enjoy all this (Messi, Lebron James, Tom Brady, Usain Bolt or Roger Federer).


    With Dreambox Party you will be invited to a party where you will choose a secret famous place (Empire State Terrace or Louvre Underground), a movie that is showing (The Godfather, Rocky or Titanic), what food is on the menu (pizza or popcorn corn) and what they want to wear as a costume (Wonder Woman, SpiderMan, Dark Vader, Joker or Flash)



    Dream Box is super easy to perform and can play small enough for a single person or large enough for a big audience in a parlor magic setting.


    Each Dream Box set comes with everything you need to perform including a comprehensive online tutorial featuring a variety of bonus ideas.


    Dream Box refills are also available.




    You can create your own DREAMBOX with the options you want! 100% Custom made!