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One of the most original ring illusions in a new version!

You can clearly make a spectator's ring disappear and make it reappear inside a box drawn on a Flipbook!


    One of the most original ring illusions in a new version!


    You can clearly make a spectator's ring disappear and make it reappear inside a box drawn on a Flipbook as the final part of the story!


    And the best part, the spectator shakes the box, hear until the last moment his ring moving inside, and finally takes it himself from the Flipbook.



    - No duplicates are used and there are no ring changes.
    - You don't touch the ring
    - The spectator holds the box until the last moment
    - The disappearance is totally clean.
    - There are no strange movements
    - The spectator takes his ring himself at the end.
    - It's easy to do.
    - You do not need any extra element for the disappearance or reappearance.
    - Automatically resets when finished.


    You will receive the Flipbook, its container box and a resistant packaging to transport them.


    You use the box for the disappearance, and the flipbook to tell the magical story and make the ring reappear.


    English and Spanish online tutorial with a detailed explanation.


    "This is a beautiful routine. It combined Ring Flight, CardToon and Storytellling to create something truly unique and memorable. Wonderful".

    Steven Faulkner


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    "Flipbook can be done as close-up, walk around or parlor. The classic ring-flite has never looked more impossible."

    Magic Orthodoxy


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    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This was exactly as described and even better. It includes everything, including an original ring vanish, instead of making you use a hanky (if you know what I mean). It is fun to do and operates in a cool gimmicky way. I am a bit concerned if it will last long, but actually, the instructional video has tips on that also.

    Avrohom (VanishingInc Customer)


    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Unbelievable! A very beautiful effect to look at and fun to perform. I had no difficulty in presenting the effect, the gimmicks are well made and easy to use. If you're creative, you can present it in many different ways. No doubt this will be the effect I will use to ask my girlfriend to marry me".

    Guilherme (VanishingInc Customer)


    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Excellent".

    Verified Buyer of PenguinMagic


    ⭐⭐⭐⭐"You actually receive a very nice prop that will have to be handled carefully since it is made out of cardboard. A good "dubbed" video that takes you through the entire tutorial and performance. It will take some practice but the end result in my opinion is well worth the time. Minus one star because I don't know how long the prop will last but I haven't performed with it yet either".

    Verified Buyer of PenguinMagic


    "I figured to me it's definitely worth that just to have a little something handy to go at the spur of the moment. I do like the concept of it very much. It is very well-thought-out and as has already been pointed out will last a while with proper care and handling".

    The Great Gumbini (Magic Cafe user)


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