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3DT-SHIRT "Break glass"

3DT-SHIRT "Break glass"


The perfect card opener effect!


    Visually pluck a real deck of cards out of your t-shirt with 3DT Shirt, one of the most surprising, fun and memorable ways to open up a card magic or close up magic set!


    Each package comes with the special gimmicks and iron-on transfer paper you need to perform. While a t-shirt is NOT included with your purchase, this image transfer paper offers ultimate convenience. Instead of having to choose a pre-made t-shirt, you can add the 3DT Shirt image to ANY shirt you'd like.


    That's right, with nothing more than an iron, you can easily apply the image to your favorite color or style shirt. Make any combination that best matches your personality and performing style!


    One you create the shirt, you can wear it all the time. It just looks like a normal shirt. However, combined with the 3DT Shirt gimmick, you can perform a powerful illusion that is sure to stun every audience.


    At any point during your routine, just reach up to your shirt and grab a REAL deck of Red Bicycle Standard Playing Cards or even your favorite Red Bicycle Gaff Deck like an invisible deck.


    The presentation possibilities are endless!


    3DT Shirt is SUPER EASY to use and RESETS IN SECONDS. Your spectators can even closely examine the shirt.


    The online tutorial covers a variety of different performances for both live audiences and social media videos.


    (T-shirt and deck of cards NOT included)


    "It's one of the most creative ways to produce a deck of cards i have seen in years"



    watch full review


    "I solid effect and a reallt cool opener. 9 out of 10!"

    Tyler Lunsford


    watch full review


    "This is a genuinely innovative effect in magic. It’s a completely original way to open up your card routine"

    David Penn and Sean Heydon


    watch full review






    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "What a simple but strong effect! Works just as you see in demo video, very easy to setup as well to perform. The instruction vide easy to follow love that they even go over how to do the transfer if you’ve never done that before. 50+ Years in magic I feel this is the best opener to your card magic".

    James (VanishinInc Customer)


    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Exactly what you see in the trailer, thats all I have to say!"

    Trai (VanishinInc Customer)


    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I used to do 3D Advertising by Henry Evans a lot as my opener, but now I also do 3DT Shirt to produce a deck of playing cards. Once you have the deck in your hands, you can then continue with any card tricks with a full deck of normal playing cards. This is just so good. It doesn’t take long to practice the move, and nobody expects to see a deck comes out from your shirt. All of the 3DT Shirt designs are excellent, and a few of them look cooler than my normal shirt. I bought one to try it out, and I just fell in love with it. So, I am planning to buy all the other designs as well. They are something that I would buy from a store. There is a one time set up. I usually don’t like to make things for my tricks, but I don’t mind doing it for this one, because I want to perform it. Oh, there is one thing that you should know. If you buy more than one, the gimmick is not transferrable, because each gimmick has its own design. If you like 3D Advertising, I am sure you will love this!"

    K (VanishinInc Customer)


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